Terencana, terukur, tercapai.
Building Indonesia's first modern investment manager.
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Dikelola para ahli, untuk Anda.

Simpan merancang dan mengelola portofolio sesuai dengan tujuan Anda, dan menyertai Anda di setiap langkah.

Build portfolios according to your goals

As an investment manager, we are accountable for our investment strategies and your objectives.

clarity in a sea of noise

Simple and meaningful way to understand where and how your money is being managed at all times. We offer you a front row seat to your portfolios.

alignment in incentives

Our sole mission is to help our Clients achieve financial well-being. We are long-term investors and we strive for long-term out-performance.

Team Simpan

High performing, high integrity.

Secara akumulatif tim Simpan membawa pengalaman puluhan tahun di lembaga keuangan global terkemuka, seperti BlackRock, Leapfrog Investments, Trimegah, Principal, dan Bank Indonesia.

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